Energy Industry References

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Pipe work at the Hamina terminal container area.

Work related to power and heating plant boilers, soda boiler pressure frames and annual maintenance and modernisation work at both domestic and international production facilities.

Pipe work in Hamina.

We are responsible for the mechanical and technical maintenance at the Fortum Waste Solutions (Ekokem) Riihimäki production facility. We are also responsible for the VAK periodical inspections of IBC containers. The contract started in 2017 and its term is seven years. We also produce building technology services, runtime services and stoppage services for Fortum’s other power plants.

We also perform annual maintenance and district heating network modifications for Helsinki Energia.

The assembly and installation work for treatment platforms and boiler repairs at the Karhula waste-to-energy plant.

Power plant pipe work and repair of the combustor pipes.

Repair of power plant’s fire-tube and fire-tube boiler.

Installation and repairs of fire water pipelines and treatment platforms. Maintenance and service work at the Hamina terminal.

Annual maintenance and maintenance work at the Kymijärvi power plant.

Pipe and maintenance work at the Hamina and Porvoo terminals.

Natural gas pipeline manufacturing.

Service and maintenance work.

Partnership with Sumitomo SHI FW Energia Oy. We produce mechanical maintenance and pressure equipment welding and installation work for Sumitomo.

We produce services for Valmet Technologies in many different areas, such as mechanical maintenance and pressure equipment installation and welding work as on-site services internationally for Valmet’s production facilities.

Installation and manufacture of non-rusting pipelines and maintenance platforms. Service and maintenance work.

Pipeline installation and maintenance work with an ammonia vaporizer and exchanger.